Lab Hardware
17 General purpose research workstations with GIS software
4 High-end processing workstations with GIS and image processing capabilities
1 Storage computer with large disk space for archives
The large form printer is used by students and faculty for plotting posters for conference and workshop presentations. The lab also has a laminator used for laminating maps for fieldwork. A large form document scanner is available for digitizing large maps and images.
Field Equipment
Mobile hardware provided by the lab is used by faculty and students to meet their fieldwork needs. Field laptops are maintained with necessary GIS software for visualizing and processing geographical data in the field. GPS units are being used in various projects to map high accuracy geographical data.
Audio/Visual Instruction Equipment
The lab has two instructor stations available on two ends of the room. It can be used as a single class room or can be partitioned into two separate instruction areas. Both instructor stations have separate projectors, projector screens, and other presentation-specific hardware support (overhead projector, DVD player, microphone, etc.).