Geovisualization Facility at UNLV

The Geovisualization Facility at UNLV, funded by National Science Foundation EPSCoR Climate Change grant, provides infrastructure for researchers, decision and policy makers with integration of visualization tools and multidisciplinary expertise, and offers the capacity to visualize concepts and data on a multi-screen/multi-projection system with the option to interactively study behavior of models, data, and systems.

The facility provides a large screen display with active 3D projection system and 4x3 42" flat panel (thin bezel) high resolution tiled wall display to simultaneously visualize multiple video sources on the screens. It has two Dell Intel XEON 8-Core Precision workstations, each with 64 GB memory and 4 TB hard drive. Two Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are installed to provide video teleconferencing and recording capabilities. Some photos of the facility are given below (click on images to enlarge):

Geovisualization Facility Geovisualization Facility
unlv geoviz lab pic 1 unlv geoviz lab pic 2
4x3 42" flat panel tiled wall display Large screen 3D display
unlv geoviz lab pic 3 unlv geoviz lab pic 4

To arrange a tour, a demo, or to learn more information, please contact Dr. Zhongwei Liu (, 702-774-1430).