Data Resources

GIS-RS lab continues to archive and maintain geographical and remote sensing data; and provide technical support to faculty and students of UNLV. Some example data archives maintained are

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data of North America;
  • Topographical, transportation, political, and hydrological GIS maps of USA;
  • Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Precipitation Radar data for the globe;
  • Vegetation and landcover GIS data of North America;
  • Scatterometer and radiometer images of North America from several spaceborne sensors;
  • ESRI prime imagery data bundle access;
  • Quickbird data of Clark county (available for projects on federal lands); and
  • Some MODIS images of parts of southwestern US.
  • The lab also provides access to ESRI data portals of US topographical maps and high resolution satellite imagery.